Jam jar memories 🌊

Hi my decorative souls! I’ve been having this melancolic feeling lately, where I’m really afraid of forgetting about things. Not like stuff I have to do, but memories and moments I want to remember forever.

That’s why I’ve been filling my room all over with memories. I’ll post a lot of stuff about it I guess, but here’s the first one.
The idea is just to take this adorable little jam jars (either recycled or you buy them like that. You can find’em in almost every decoration shop) and fill them with whatever thing reminds you of a place you’ve been to.
I spend this summer in England. In Bournemouth I took some beach sand with me and from the Seven Sisters Cliffs I took stones and shells, which looked so pretty. I didn’t even know what to do with them till I got home and got the idea.
What you can also do is just using the jars (like many people do) as a piggy bank, saving money for trips or whatever you wanna save money for. You can decorate it with a quote, bands, stickers, washy tape, etc.. And the other ones either with a picture of the place or a label with its name, or you just leave it like that. Just feel creative.
[You can also use this idea as a present for a friend you made a trip with, or the money-jar if you’ve always been wanting to travel somewhere together so you can start saving.]
Hope you liked this idea and how it looks. See you in my next post. Keep creating. 🐚


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  1. Silvia G says:

    awwww que tarritos más lindos!! Yo me sentía igual al principio del año y comencé a escribir en pequeños papelitos recuerdos o momentos felices que no quería olvidar y los voy metiendo en un tarrito parecido a los tuyos ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gracias!!💙 Mi hermana hizo lo mismo! Iba a comentarlo pero pensé que para año nuevo quizás quedaría mejor, te nombraré💁🏼! “Nos leemos” jajajaja❤️


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