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Hi sun shines! How are you doing? I was thinking of what fashion-related post I could do without needing pics (’cause I sadly don’t have time for taking any + my phone somehow died) and came up with this idea. I’m going to talk about my 5 favourite shops, referring mostly to their style but also to cuality, marketing strategies and shop deco (and yes, I do care a lot about that).

Okay first of all URBAN OUTFITTERS. I love EVERYTHING about this shop, the vibe that it gives you when you enter, the marketing campaigns, the people working there, the vintage style… It’s just perfect. But I do have to admit that I don’t like absolute every clothing item they sell, I would maybe wear 60% of it. But that’s because of the amount of alternativ things they have, I’m sure everyone finds something there they love, but others hate. They have boho style, vintage, urban, sporty, etc. And it’s not just a clothes shop, you can find books in there too, there are some really interesting ones, and plenty of beautiful decoration stuff (almost everything on my walls is from them). The only bad aspect is the price… It’s seriously super expensive, so I recommend to go when there’s sale. But since only big cities have an UO, I personally only go when I’m travelling, and some expensive stuff every now and then isn’t THAT bad, is it? [I guess the “Spanish version” of this shop would be Kaotiko]

Second on the list are Brandy Mellvile, Double Agent and Subdued (which I believe is only in Barcelona). I put the three of them together cause they have exactly the same style, and differ only  in prices. Brandy is the most expensive (and probably the most known) and Double Agent the cheapest. The decoration they have is extremely pretty and the clothes too. It’s normally more basic stuff (the colours are mostly black, white, grey, light pink, dark red and dark blue depending on the season) and the shapes are often the same every season. But seriously, it’s stuff almost everyone wants, so who cares? The thing I don’t like about Brandy at all is, a part of the cuality, which isn’t the best, that they sell only one size. The material is flexible, but still, it doesn’t look good on a body that “doesn’t fit  their expectations”. What I mean by that is, if you take a look on their models, they look always the same. White, very skinny, almost always blond, girls. Sure there’s nothing wrong with that and they are pretty, but they should seriously vary a bit so girls don’t feel the necessity to look like them in order to be pretty.

Next is PULL & BEAR. This is, with big difference, my favourite Inditex shop (Zara, Stradivarious, Bershka, Oysho…). I think this is a shop where I would definitely buy 99% of the clothes. When I tend to dress more “urban” (cause I’m constantly changing my style eventhough people can’t really tell) I always buy in Pull. The cuality is great and the things are pretty cool and economically great.

And when I tend to dress more “boho” I go to Natura. I’m afraid this shop only exists in Spain, but if you ever find yourself here, you’ll know where to shop. Their stuff is beautiful, I always get sad when I go there, because the clothes and deco items are so freaking expensive. But what I do like to buy there is jewellery,  which also has the hippie style but is more economical. It’s also a great place to buy presents, I always get inspired when I go there.

Last but not least is a shop where I actually have never shopped, and whose clothes I haven’t really seen. It’s American Eagle. I had already heard about them and then Troye Sevan posted a video of the commercial (I’ll leave the link here) they made where he appeared in and well,  I just had to comment on it because it’s amazing. That’s what I mean when I say Brandy Mellvile shouldn’t stay to one “type” of girls. Variety is great. #WeAllCan


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  1. Silvia says:

    You’ve actually seen at least one American Eagle item in real life… you just didn’t notice hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a big mistake 😱 sorry you lil eagle!


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