How to wear Squared T-shirts 💥

Helloo guys!I think almost everyone loves the plaid t-shirts. Well, at least I do and mostly in Autumn, where it’s not too warm or too cold to wear them.

I just have three that I like (two of them from Pull&bear and one from Stradivarius) and I hate repeating outfits that often. So this post is about outfits of how you can combine them a part of with just a pair of jeans.

The first outfit is just wearing it underneath a denim jacket. I think it looks really cool and not as boring as if you wear it alone. You can combine that with some pair of black jeans and booties or any kind of sneakers. 

The next idea is to wear it with some denim dungarees or overall or however you want to call it (peto in spanish). It may sound too much like a farmer but I do like it a lot.

Another thing you could do is just wearing a lace bra underneath and showing a bit of your shoulder so it gives the outfit a more interesting look. 

You could also botton the t and put a sweater on top with the neck showing off and wear that with a pair of jeans.

And to “dress up” a bit more you can wear the t-shirt bottoned and pulled in a plain black skirt. That school-girl look is really cool.
Hope this gave you some ideas, see you in my next post ☕️


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