World deco ✈️

Hi beauties! How are you doing? As probably everyone, I’m in love with travelling, getting to know new cultures and meeting new people. This post is about how my room reflects that passion. I’ll try to give you some ideas to storage your trips and keep your memories in a decorative way, let’s get started!

So first of all is the famous scratch map. I’ve always wanted to get one but it is extremely expensive (~50€). Luckily I found it in El Corte Inglés in sale for 50% off! Which is still expensive but I just had to take the opportunity. For those of you who don’t know scratch maps, it’s just a map where you can scratch off the places you’ve been to, easy, right? I think it’s a great way to look how far you’ve travelled, and to dream of where else you want to go. The feeling of scratching out a new city is seriously amazing. Plus when you’re bored you can read the name of some countries you don’t know about, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge through it. And it looks great to have it on your wall. The vintage style in which it’s made spreads just good vibes all around. (It doesn’t have to be a scratch map though, you can obviously just take a normal map and somehow mark the places you’ve been to)

If you don’t have space on your walls for a map you can also get a globe. There are some really pretty ones with like an older look. There isn’t really enough room for me to have one, so there’s a tiny one hanging from my shelf. I got it in a street-market in Bristol, but I’m sure it’s not hard to find somewehere else. 

To always have the memories you’ve made by travelling near you, you can pin everything on a pinwand. You could also hang them on the walls, but if you don’t wanna ruin them, I truly recommend you buying a pinwand. You can put postcards, bus train or plane tickets, theatre tickets, wristbands, small maps, photo booth pics or even coins in it. Just fill it with the things you’ve been given to in your trips, which give you good memories about them.

What you could also do with those memory items is putting them into a Travel Journal. I’ve been wanting to do that for years but I just never get started, I even have the notebook where I wanna do it already! It’s from paperblanks, aren’t all of their notebooks beautiful?

If you don’t really collect tickets and that stuff you can obviously also hang pictures you’ve made throughout the trip. I think a little collage gives the room a very colourful and alive look, and you can always look at them and go back to the moment you took the photo.

And last but not least, if travelling through the world isn’t enough for you and you are more an outter-space-person you can hang a constellation map. Mine is from Urban Outfitters (it was actually cheap, what a miracle!), it looks so good and is so interesting to look at.

Hopefully you’ll copy some of my ideas, keep travelling⛵️🚲🚇🚌
[P.S.: if you haven’t seen my post Jam jar memories yet, go take a look. It’s also a way of decorating with your trips!]


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