Changes 🌻

Suprise surprise!

Soooo, I decided some time ago that I wanted to change myself physically somehow (since I think I’ve also changed on the inside). And is there something better than a radical haircut? 

There actually is; making someone happy while doing it.

I decided to donate my hair to a company which does wigs for people with cancer.  I’ve always known you could do such things, but I didn’t know how. A lot of people don’t donate their hair because they aren’t informed about how little time and effort it takes, that’s why I wanted to make this post.
There are a lot of hairdressers who do it, but there isn’t always one in your place. But lucky for you, there are also companies where you just send the cut of hair and they take care of the rest. 

I send it to “Mechones Solidarios”, which is a Spanish company from Málaga, and I truly recommend it. It is really easy; you just make sure your hairdresser cuts your hair while having it tied up (they obviously cut and style it better afterwards), then you put it in a packet, which doesn’t cost more than 50cents, and send it to the company’s adress. If you are under 18 you should specify it, ’cause the wigs for children are only made with childrens hair. You can look up the adress and any other information you need in their website, I’ll leave the link here. [But there are obviously plenty of other companies, just go on the internet and get informed!]
I truly recommend doing it. If you have the privilege of being healthy and having healthy hair, take it and make others happy with it who don’t. Hair grows back again and you never know, maybe you’re like me and it suits you better short and you didn’t even know! 

A little change is sometimes all you need. But other times what you need is the feeling of making someone smile. And it is definetly incredible.

So thank you to all the companies that make these great things possible and best wishes and strength to everyone out there facing cancer or any other illnes, you are both admirable ❤️


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