Fall Haul 🍁

Hi cuties! How are you doing? I’m with exams at the moment but still I’ve found the time to shop every now and then. This is a post about the things I’ve bought in the past two months;
First of all a chocker. I’ve never been a chocker-person but when I saw this one I just had to buy it. I think it’s really unique and it mixes the kinda street-punk-style (sorry, I had no idea how to describe that) because of being a chocker and the boho style because of all the jewlery details. [Price: 7.99€]
Second is a pretty normal green oversized sweater with some stripes in the middle. As it’s sweater weather at the moment, and I’ve gotten a bit sick of the ones I already owned I just had to get a new one. When I brought it home my mum asked if it was a guys sweater, lol. But in fact, I liked that mistake cause I love wearing boy clothes. [Price: 19.99€]
I also got THE BROWN JACKET. Yea, I finally own it. My adorable friends got it for me for my birthday and I am EXTREMELY HAPPY. It’s super comfi and warm and I just love the vintage look that it gives to the outfits. In the picture I’m just wearing it with a pair of black jeans and a white t, and doesn’t it look cute? [Price: 35.99€]
Next on the list is a pair of leggings. I don’t really know how to describe the material (ribbed?), you’ll have to see it in the pics. But it’s really comfi and warm. I’m just that kind of person who can’t wear jeans all the time, it’s so uncomfortable sometimes! So this is a way of staying cute and being comfi and cozzy. [Price: 14.50€]
I also finally bought a black hat (in Stradivarius) that I had also been wanting for a long time. When I brought it home my mum asked if I had gotten it for halloween lol2.0, thanks mum, you’re doing great. But in fact, I did wear it for halloween, cause I didn’t know if I would have the courage to wear it any other day (sorry, I’m new with this hat-thing) but I did, and I don’t know how I could live before without having a hat. [Price: 14.99€]
And last but not least, I got my ears pierced! I had been wishing to do that for a very long time and finally I did it! I got two made in each ear and I hope I’ll get some more soon (eventhough they’re infected atm, ugh). The earrings I bought are ones I’ve been loving for so long, they are from a shop called Inti but you can find them elsewhere easily. And then my friend gave me other beautiful ones (also from Inti) that I fell in love with ever since I saw a picture of them. [Price of the small rings: 2.50€ each]
Aaand that’s it, everything except for the hat and the earrings is from pull&bear.

See you in my next post ☕️


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  1. Helena says:

    Me encanta Crissie!! Severamente in love

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww vielen dank Nilpferdchen!❤️❤️ tus lectores estamos ansiosos por un siguiente post…


      1. Helena says:

        Uuuh pues I’m gonna need your help porque no tengo fotos je

        Liked by 1 person

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