💲Black Friday💲

Hi theeere!! Oh my god, it finally happened, BLACK FRIDAY. I was seriously waiting for it the whole month. And well, here you have another haul with the stuff I bought [I know this haul-thing is a bit weird on a blog, but I just love showing the things I buy, he]. Most of the clothes are black and in dark tones, I guess I’m in that mood atm. I’ll divide the things in the different shops and leave pictures of how it all looks put on.
First shop I went to was Stradivarius, where I bought a black t. I think plain t-shirts are a must-have in ones wardrobe (at least grey, black and white in my opinion) and my black one was a bit shorter than I’d like to, so I got a new one. I won’t tell you what you can wear it with cause it’s obvious; everything. [Normal price: 5,95€ | Black Friday price: 4,76€]

In the same shop I also bought a big black scarf. (I’m planning on doing a how-to-wear-big-scarfs-post btw, so you can look forward to that!). It’s soo warm and I just can’t live without this clothing item in the Winter. [Normal Price: 12,95€ | BF price: 10,36€]

Then I went to Pull&Bear, where I bought most stuff; A pair of black skinny jeans, cause I needed one and again, I think it’s an essential [Normal price: 19,99€ | BF price: 15,99€], an oversized grey sweater (you should know I’m kind of obsessed with them), which looks also great for winterish careless outfits [Normal price: 25,98€ | BF price: 20,79€], a grey t-shirt with a kind of groovy print on it, which I thought looked too cool (it’s the typical tight one, but I bought size-L, cause I wanted it to look bigger) [Normal price: 9,98€ | BF price: 7,99€] And a blueish/purpleish flannel, because I love them so much. [Normal price: 19,99€ | BF price: 15,99€]

In Natura I also bought a sweater, but in blueish/pinkish colours to change a bit from all the dark tones. I love it cause it’s pretty loose, but at the same time it’s not too long, which is my biggest winter problem when I wanna put a coat on top. [Normal price: 28,90€ | BF price: 23,12€]

And then in a pretty normal shoe shop (Ulanka) I bought a pair of black boots. I think these boots are an essential in the Autumn/Winter time; they look good with everything and you can perfectly use them for school/uni as well as for going out. Just make sure you get comfi ones, with not too much high heel so you can really make use of them. [Normal price: 39,99€ | BF price: 31,99€]

Aaaand that’s it! I actually bought more stuff, but my mom kept it and it’ll be Christmas presents, so you’ll see them in the next haul.
Happy shopping🛍


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  1. Silvia G says:

    Ehm AMO el segundo pullover de pull en serio omg

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OOOH vielen dank Silvo, kannst es ja mal robieren😉


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