2016 books 📌

Hi guys!! Well, 2016 has comed to an end. It has been a pretty weird year, but I actually loved it.As for books, I’ve read more books this year than I had done any of the years before, so I’m really happy for that! 

In this post I’ll show you which ones they were and make a short review of my top 5 (though I’m seriously really glad with all of my lectures in 2016, none of them disappointed me).

“Anna and the French Kiss” -Stephanie Perkins

“Lola and the Boy Next Door” -Stephanie Perkins 

“Isla and the Happily Ever After” -Stephanie Perkins

“Me, Earl and the Dying Girl” -Jesse Andrews

“A Monster Calls” -Patrick Ness

“Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close” -Jonathan Safran Foer

“Algo tan sencillo como darte un beso” -Blue Jeans

“Animal Farm” -George Owell

“Me before You” -Jojo Moyes

“Looking for Alaska” -John Green

“All the Bright Places” -Jennifer Niven

“Everything, Everything” -Nicola Yoon

“Maybe Someday” -Colleen Hoover

“Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda” -Becky Albertalli

“Wonder” -R. J. Palacio

“If I was your Girl” -Meredith Russo

“Refugee Boy” -Benjamin Zephanian

“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” -J. K. Rowling

“You Know Me Well” -Nina LaCour & David Levithan

“Pulsaciones” -Javier Ruescas & Francesc Miralles

“The Second Love of my Life” -Victoria Walters

So, as I said before, I really liked all of them, but there are some I’d like to give an extra mention to. (This isn’t a ranking, just chronological order, btw)

First of all Perkins’ triology. Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door and Isla and the Happily Every After. For goodness sake, it’s amazing. The storyline transcures in Paris and the US, and every book tells the story of different characters, which are all related to each other and appear somehow in every book. This is seriously great, keeping in mind that they’ll all conquer your heart. I can’t describe the perfect way the characters fall in love, it’s just agskdhskaldjn amazing. Concerning boy-girl romance, these books are, without any doubt, my favourites.

Next would be Everything, Everything. The protagonist, Maddy, is, so to say, allergic to the world, and hasn’t left her house for seventeen years. When her new neighbours arrive it’s obvious she’s going to fall in love with their son, always dressed in black, Olly (that character is SO. HOT. in my imagination). What is NOT obvious is the ENOURMOUS plottwist, which I’m not going to comment on. All in all, this book is pretty different, really fast to read and super hard to put down.

I’ve already talked about this one in previous posts, but well, it couldn’t be left out in this one. Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda. It tells the story about an homosexual teenage boy (who hasn’t come out yet), Simon, and his email-crush, anonymous Blue. When someone finds out about the emails, things start getting a bit weird… This book is seriously perfect, everything is just so realistic but at the same time it’s like too-perfect-to-be-real. You end up loving the main characters SO much, even before knowing who Blue really is. I definetly recommend it. [+ Homosexuality is seen as it is, perfectly normal. Simon just hasn’t come out because he tends to avoid drama.]

If I was your girl is a book I had never heard about till I saw it in Waterstones. It actually caught my attention because of the sexism of the title “your” ugh. But then I read the summary and I found out it was actually sarcastic and that the protagonist, Amanda, is transgender. I had never read anything from this perspective so I gave it a try, AND WOW. It really amazed me. It is such a meaningful book and I think everyone should read it. 

And last but definetly not least, You Know Me Well. This book was also one I hadn’t heard about but randomly run into, and thank god I did. It tells the story of a girl, Kate, who has a long-distance-crush on Violet (which soon becomes short-distance-crush) and a boy, Mark, who is desperately in love with his best friend, Ryan. The main characters find each other when they most need it. It shows true friendship, heartbreak and love in a realistic way and is written from both, Kate’s and Mark’s perspective. You get into both of the stories and end up super attached to all of the characters. As well as the others, I REALLY recommend this book, once you start you can’t put it aside.

And that’s it! You better add these books to your 2017 reads! 

I wish you all an amazing year, full of new experiences to live, new people to meet and new stories to read ❤️

[And btw, I’m not going to be posting a lot in January because of exams, I’m really sorry for that but I’m sure I can make up for it in February💪🏼]


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    Creo que en algun momento te tendré que pedir prestado alguno😊😊

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    1. Cuando quieras Silvo, las fotos están sacadas ya🌚🌚


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