💲Christmas+Sale Haul💲

❁ hi my flowers ! ❁

I hope you had a really nice christmas and a good start to the new year and good luck to the people with exams, we’ll get through it! Okay so this is a huuuge haul. As you could already tell it’s a combination of my fashion related – christmas presents and the stuff I bought when I went shopping (FINALLY SALE!!!). You can see in the pics how the stuff looks like, but I’m always wearing it with black jeans (I mostly tell you how else you could wear it though) and I only put the price of the things that I bought, since I obviously don’t know how much the presents cost.

I’m going to go through the shops, let’s start…


Soo from this shop I got a flannel for christmas (which I had actually chosen myself in black friday). I love the greenish shades and well, I just never have enough flannels.

I also bought an ethnic-patterned-poncho. I was really wanting to have a poncho and I couldn’t resist buying this one when I saw the pricetag. I love the colors and I think this item is able to make an outfit 100times cooler. (When I got home my mom put it on and started singing mexican music, typical mom). [Normal price: 25.99€, Sale: 9.99€]


(I normally don’t like Berhska, but it has seriously impressed me the past few times I’ve went there)

For Christmas I got a scarf I had also bought in Black Friday. Big scarfs with square-patterns are DEFINETLY a winter essential and red shades are always a good option. +it is SO soft, I love it

Next is a pale-baby-blue body. This is my first body and I actually thought this clothing item would look terrible on me. I got so surprised when I tried it on and it looked good!! I love this one because the texture and the colour remind me somehow of the 80s and I think it’s perfect to combine with a pair of mom jeans. [Price: 9.99€, Sale: 5.99€]

In bershka I also bought a grey hair band. Mine were eather too big, too thin, or had too much colour, and this one has the perfect size and grey is my favourite colour for clothes soo… [Price: 4.99€, Sale: 3.99€]

And last but not least a tight(?) red sweater. I’ve always been more of an oversized-sweater person, but I love wearing tight things with loose, distressed bottoms. [Price: 14.99€, Sale: 9.99€]


From Natura I got an ethnic-patterned bag. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It’s so soft (maybe a bit too much, it’s probably not appropriate for a lot of weight) and I think it’s perfect for giving some colour and to make your outfit more happy(?), I hope you know what I mean. 

I also got a blue loose dress. I really liked it and I think it looks amazing with a bunch of bohemian accesories and some anckle boots. +it is really comfi and can be worn in any ocassion; beach, normal day or even going out if you pop the outfit a bit up [Price: 23.90€, Sale: 16.99€]


Sorry guys, I just had to make a section about this clothing item because I got a bit crazy while shopping (as always though, who am I kidding?).

I think striped t-shirts are perfect to wear with anything; bottoned skirts, mom jeans, black skinny jeans etc and (AGAIN) they remind me of the 80s. They are from Bershka and Pull&bear.

[And the prices were always around 3-6€]


Okay and now to finish, my three favourite-not-clothing-item-presents.

A pair of white, high Converse. They remind me of my “childhood” because I was always wearing high Converse at that time, then I passed over to low ones, then I got a bit sick of Converse in general and now I’ve came back to these. There isn’t a lot to say about them, I guess you all know how to style Converse since they look good with everything. I personally love wearing them with high socks (as I do with every shoes, but yeah).

An all black watch. Okay so I was looking for the perfect watch for a REALLY long time. I was actually about to buy a Daniel Wellington, the typical brown-white design, which is just beautiful. But then I got the idea about buying an all black one, because I think for my style it actually fits more. And then, (THANK YOU, UNIVERSE) when I went to Parfois to buy some earrings for my grandma I found the perfect one I was looking for. It’s all black with the details in pinkish copper. It’s just perfect.

AAAAAAND…. HERE’S MY NEW BAE, THE NIKON J5 ! ! ! ! I’ve always liked photography, but I was more a capturing-the-instant-with-my-iPod/phone person. But a while ago I decided I wanted to learn how to actually take good pics. I think compact cameras are a really good option for someone who is starting with photography, because if you wanna have more cuality in the future you can just buy a wider lens. +I think this Nikon model is just  s o  b e a u t i f u l .

Hope you liked everything as much as I do, see you in my next post 🌸🌈👗


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  1. Helena says:

    Me encanta el post amiga!! Sigue así❤


    1. Aww gracias Heleno! Lo mismo te digo💙


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